Come celebrate Xamarin 4 with cake, pizza, and learning how to build, test, monitor, and accelerate native iOS and Android mobile app development in C#. Xamarin 4 was just announced including some amazing new features and enhancements including the all new Xamarin Mac Agent and Xamarin.Forms 2.0 for enterprise grade mobile development, the brand new Test Recorder, and free crash reporting with the General Availability of Xamarin Insights. This month we will take a look at all the new enhancements into iOS and Android Development in C# with Xamarin and all of the latest features that were just released. There will be something for everyone in this content packed meetup no matter if you are new or have been developing with Xamarin for some time.

Here are just a few topics that we will cover:

  • Xamarin.Forms 2.0
  • Xamarin Test Cloud & the Test Recorder
  • Xamarin Insights

So Much More: That is just the start! Xamarin 4 is packed full of even more features and enhancements that we will cover.

Additionally we will be covering Windows Azure Mobile ServicesHosting a Mobile API on Azure and Microsoft Open Source initiatives.