Being the most important insurance company in the Dominican Republic and one of the top 10 in the Caribbean, Grupo Universal is conformed by 6 companies, with revenue of $319M in 2013.

Megsoft Consulting was instrumental in shaping Universal’s vision into a mobile app enabling full access for their more than 800,000 customers into services provided by Grupo Universal ranging from health insurance, casualty and property insurance, roadside assistance, online payments and more.

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Universal APP

Universal APP enhances communication between Universal and their customers enabling reduced cost, making sales processes and services more efficient, by placing the right tools in their customer’s hands.

The product has been created to be adaptable and easy to integrate with their core systems, CRMs/ERPs by implementing a Services Oriented Architecture.

Universal App has been designed from the ground up to use the latest cloud and mobile technologies, taking advantage of the features in mobile phones (GPS geolocation, camera, credit card processing, local storage, etc.)

Online Payments

Provide the ability for their customers to easily and conveniently pay their outstanding balance via credit card.

Security and Privacy

The mobile platform is fully integrated with Universal’s core system providing existing customers the ability to sign in.

It utilizes Industry standards to protect the privacy of their customer’s data.

All products at a glance

In one single screen, customers can see their product summary, with balance due, expiration date, account number and more, and with a simple touch, they are able to get a more detailed view of the product, as well as the most relevant processes.

Provider Search

Searching providers is a breeze with Universal App because it uses the built-in GPS capabilities of the phone to show providers nearby.


Mobile notifications won’t let customers miss a bit; keeping them notified of important events they care about.

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