Facts about Best Meridian Insurance Company

Countries in Latin America

Empowering Customers

bmiBMI Companies is an industry leader in providing international Health insurance coverage.

They wanted to empower their customers to choose an insurance product tailed to their needs, while expediting the quote process and decreasing the time insurance agents spent on the phone with customers.

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Meeting The Mobile Need

With ever increasing mobile traffic to their insurance product catalog, BMI saw the need to make information from their website accessible via mobile devices as well as making the traffic turn into business.

The Solution

Megsoft Consulting, Inc. and BMI chose to develop a mobile app in order to provide a better user experience to mobile-oriented customers. Based on mobile traffic statistics the first phase included an Android and iOS apps.

Utilizing Xamarin enabled Megsoft to develop a shared codebase allowing for easier development across device platforms (i.e., Android, iOS) and the ability to quickly produce a Windows Phone version in future releases.

Implementation Detail

  • Shared codebase
  • iPhone and iPad support
  • Decreases the cost of implementing for new platforms (i.e., Windows Phone)

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