Mobile App Developer stands in first place according to CNNMoney/PayScale‘s top careers list, offering big growth, great pay and satisfying work.

Whether you’re Snapchatting with friends or catching Pokémon, you probably spend time every day using the creations of mobile app developers. They aren’t necessarily saving the world, but mobile app developers get to create something that can reach millions of people on a daily basis.

That means growing demand for developers who build and update apps so they’re secure, user-friendly, and sought after.

Megsoft Consulting is looking for a Senior Developer for a remote position, we are offering a huge compensation to match the talent.

The lucky developer will have the responsibility of working in exciting and innovative solutions in the mobile space from our office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or remotely (for the right candidate). You’ll be expected to not only to write code but also provide your insight on projects and technologies used, as well as taking ownership of the projects you work on.


What are we looking in a Candidate?

You don’t have to know it all, yet you are expected to be all-around, be passionate about emerging technologies and most importantly, be able to solve hard problems on your own.

We value people who:

  • Make wise decisions (people, technical, business and creative) despite ambiguity
  • Listen well, instead of reacting fast, so you can better understand
  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues con rely upon you
  • You learn rapidly and eagerly
  • You create new ideas that prove useful
  • You say what you think even if it is controversial
  • You inspire others with your thirst for excellence
  • We program in C# 100% of our time, so being skilled in .NET is an obvious advantage. But we strongly believe that awesome programmers are not defined by their language. If you’re deep into another language but you’re curious about C# then we’d love to hear from you.

About the Team

We like to believe our team is top-notch, we joke a lot, we have a work hard, play hard attitude. Coding is our passion, but delivering value is the ultimate high. Everyone gets involved in steering what we do, providing ideas for development and opinions on technologies we use. The ideal candidate will bring that same spark to our team.

About the Job

As a Mobile Developer you’ll be expected to:

  • Have a solid understanding of the native APIs and UI Frameworks in at least 1 platform.
  • Be able to write code that adheres to SOLID principles is a must.
  • You need to be able to write and/or consume API’s successfully.
  • Experience utilizing a Version Control System (i.e.:TFS, git, subversion)
  • Knowledge of Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, Repositories, Code By Contract and some design patterns will be instrumental.
  • You must be familiar with either MVC or MVVM.
  • Last but not least, you are expected to dominate at least one Mobile platform (iOS, Android or WP8)
  • Salary range is very competitive but will depend largely on skill (both technical and non-technical); JEDIs make over (RD$)150K a month.

About You

Basically this job is for you if:

  • You have experience working on a collaborative environment and/or Agile Shop.
  • You have some serious knowledge of C#.
  • You dream of Mobile apps, and are passionate about developing apps.
  • Git/Github Ninja.
  • You’re meticulous, but still able to iterate quickly.
  • You’re **THE** problem solver.
  • You have excellent English skills
  • Bonus points: If you don’t run whenever anyone mentions Unit tests, Code Coverage and Continuous Integration.
  • Bonus points: If you have ever contributed to any Open Source project.

I am ready, where do I apply?

Send your resume to and follow the instructions in the PDF with “Developer Next Steps” that will allow us to gauge your experience with Xamarin and your ability to turn around a project in a short period of time.