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In this talk, Megsoft Consulting CEO Claudio Sanchez will talk about the lessons learned from years of experience on the journey to Continuous Delivery; what it is, why and how to start the journey, and some of the tools that may help you making this journey a pleasant one.

Continuous Delivery is the natural extension of Continuous Integration: an approach in which teams ensure that every change to the system is releasable, and that we can release any version at the push of a button. Continuous Delivery aims to make releases boring, so we can deliver frequently and get fast feedback on what users care about.

Some of the tools we will use are:
– TeamCity
– Jenkins
– Shell Scripting
– Github

Place: Microsoft Dominicana
Date: Tuesday, May 24 @ 7:00 PM EST

About the Author:

Claudio solves business problems by utilizing best-practices and sound software engineering principles. He likes to maximize the amount of work not done – not reinventing the wheel, but instead making it better. Claudio is the CEO of Megsoft Consulting, Inc, a software engineering firm specializing in cross platform mobile development using C# & Xamarin, cloud computing and Web technologies.

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